Collegium Musicum Viol Program

The Collegium Musicum Viol Program is a branch of the FAS Music Department Collegium Musicum. It is open to music students from the entire university.

Beginning students from all departments are encouraged to study the viol (viola da gamba). The only requirements for beginners are previous vocal or instrumental training (on any instrument), and solid musicianship skills. All registered students receive weekly private lessons and participate in a viol ensemble once they attain a degree of proficiency on the instrument. Students have access to fully outfitted viols from the Noah Greenburg Collection. At present, there are sufficient viols for two consorts.

In addition, students may sometimes play with the university's advanced viol ensemble, an accomplished concert-giving group that presents at least one recital every semester under the name The Teares of the Muses. The Teares of the Muses plays all major Renaissance and Baroque viol repertoires, with English consort music predominating. The ensemble often collaborates with other departments of the university, and occasionally represents NYU off-campus by giving non-profit performances.

The Collegium Musicum is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. It is listed as course G71.1001 in the fall semester and G71.1002 in the spring semester. In order to register, please contact the FAS Department of Music at 212-998-8300 for an access code.

Director: Adjunct Professor Margaret Panofsky

For more information, please contact Professor Panofsky at